Corrupt government and corporate elements are utilizing Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology also known as Satellite Terrorism to harass torture and terrorize individuals. This is being done illegally and criminally to individuals nationally and globally, and this criminal activity is going unpunished. In some instances these criminals are utilizing a Bogus, illegal so called "investigation" in attempt to coverup the crime. Once the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology is locked on the individual, this false, Bogus "investigation" is nothing more than repetitious harassment, torture and terrorism to the victim that last for years, with hopes of and objectives such as causing induced insanity, or hoping that the victim commits suicide, or having the victim jailed or institutionalized under false pretenses in attempt to discredit the victim. Targeted Victims should be aware that the definition of "paranoid schizophrenia" as scriptedly "amended", includes victims complaints and references to beliefs that someone's reading and controlling their mind or hearing voices, even though the truth is, current sophisticated Remote Neural Monitoring technology allows this and illegal Non Consensual Experimentation to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". Psych bibles such as the DSM-IV conveniently do not contain this "classified" information. This is premeditatively, insidiously designed so that psychiatrists and other ignorant mental health employees can be used to discredit and silence victims by falsely merging real targeted victims with those who are suffering from mental conditions. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of real schizophrenics, but again, most victims of technological crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be mistakenly confused with those suffering from mental disorders.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Documented Criminal Harassment Evidence And Personal Statement

The following link below displays the Documented evidence of the ongoing Criminal Organized Harassment aka (Organized Gang Stalking) that started in 2005 and still continues today simultaneously with the criminal Remote Neural Monitoring Harassment. http://www.youtube.com/user/fortherecord376433

This Organized Criminal Harassment is being illegally operated and perpetrated by Criminal elements of the United States Air Force/Boeing Aircraft simultaneously with what is known as Remote Neural Monitoring (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) to Criminally Harass, Violate and Terrorize for years at a time, as these Criminals falsely portray themselves as "doctors" and FALSELY covertly technologically conveying/claiming that they are Illegally/Criminally using this Remote Neural Monitoring technology on me and other individuals for "health purposes" which is a 100% FALSE LIE and PRETEXT EXCUSE for their Criminal use of this technology against me and other individuals.
I am stating for the record that I have NEVER had any current or history of "mental Illness" "schizophrenia, nor any type of bodily disease whatsoever. I have personally talked with several other victims that have personally stated to me that they are also being targeted with this Organized Harassment and the Criminal use of this Remote Neural Monitoring technology and that the Perpetrators of this Crime towards them are also using these same LIES and EXCUSES in attempt to cover this criminal terroristic activity/behavior and that their perpetrators we're also manipulating members of their families and communities to unknowingly and knowingly criminally engage in this bizarre harassment behavior towards them. Further information is available here within the links below as to how this Crime is being criminally operated against myself and MANY other individuals worldwide.




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