Corrupt government and corporate elements are utilizing Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology also known as Satellite Terrorism to harass torture and terrorize individuals. This is being done illegally and criminally to individuals nationally and globally, and this criminal activity is going unpunished. In some instances these criminals are utilizing a Bogus, illegal so called "investigation" in attempt to coverup the crime. Once the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology is locked on the individual, this false, Bogus "investigation" is nothing more than repetitious harassment, torture and terrorism to the victim that last for years, with hopes of and objectives such as causing induced insanity, or hoping that the victim commits suicide, or having the victim jailed or institutionalized under false pretenses in attempt to discredit the victim. Targeted Victims should be aware that the definition of "paranoid schizophrenia" as scriptedly "amended", includes victims complaints and references to beliefs that someone's reading and controlling their mind or hearing voices, even though the truth is, current sophisticated Remote Neural Monitoring technology allows this and illegal Non Consensual Experimentation to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". Psych bibles such as the DSM-IV conveniently do not contain this "classified" information. This is premeditatively, insidiously designed so that psychiatrists and other ignorant mental health employees can be used to discredit and silence victims by falsely merging real targeted victims with those who are suffering from mental conditions. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of real schizophrenics, but again, most victims of technological crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be mistakenly confused with those suffering from mental disorders.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Special Note For Those Of You Who May Be Being LIED To!

The disgusting perverted mentally disturbed individuals criminally using this Remote Neural Monitoring and the LIARS going along with it, are covertly LYING to the public falsely claiming that they are using the Remote Neural Monitoring (ILLEGAL USE OF A SATELLITE SYSTEM) for "health purposes" which is a LIE!. I would like to make it perfectly clear that I am not a "sick" person and I do NOT have any type of disease! and fully look forward to suing and prosecuting these criminal individuals to the fullest, maximum extent of law allowed. To those of you who know me personally and others, if you happen to be told by anyone that I have any type of diseases such as "cancer" or any other type of disease, know that what you are being told is a LIE, and please immediately notify me of the individual who told you this lie. Other lies you could be told by individuals involved in the Organized Stalking of victims could be something such as "oh that's just something he's read on the internet and got obsessed with, now he believes it" "its just a phase" etc. Organized Stalking and Remote Neural Monitoring are a Reality and each one of my testimonies are Reality in which i possess documented video proof of the Organized Stalking and Technological Harassment.

Thank You R.O. 10-23-2012