Corrupt government and corporate elements are utilizing Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology also known as Satellite Terrorism to harass torture and terrorize individuals. This is being done illegally and criminally to individuals nationally and globally, and this criminal activity is going unpunished. In some instances these criminals are utilizing a Bogus, illegal so called "investigation" in attempt to coverup the crime. Once the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology is locked on the individual, this false, Bogus "investigation" is nothing more than repetitious harassment, torture and terrorism to the victim that last for years, with hopes of and objectives such as causing induced insanity, or hoping that the victim commits suicide, or having the victim jailed or institutionalized under false pretenses in attempt to discredit the victim. Targeted Victims should be aware that the definition of "paranoid schizophrenia" as scriptedly "amended", includes victims complaints and references to beliefs that someone's reading and controlling their mind or hearing voices, even though the truth is, current sophisticated Remote Neural Monitoring technology allows this and illegal Non Consensual Experimentation to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". Psych bibles such as the DSM-IV conveniently do not contain this "classified" information. This is premeditatively, insidiously designed so that psychiatrists and other ignorant mental health employees can be used to discredit and silence victims by falsely merging real targeted victims with those who are suffering from mental conditions. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of real schizophrenics, but again, most victims of technological crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be mistakenly confused with those suffering from mental disorders.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RNM Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Terrorism Symptoms

Are you being terrorized by (criminals) utilizing this satellite technology?

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms?

Thought mind reading, reading/decoding of thoughts remotely.
Vision. See as in a camera, through the victims eyes, to see what the victim is seeing, with the vision being more of a still camera function vs real-time vision.
Hearing, ability hear and pick up what the victim is hearing.
Ability to speak to the individual being targeted through interjections into TV's stereos, radios, scanners, cellular phones.

Ability to speak or whisper to the victim "through the air" or broadcast voices or whispers around the target, that can appear to come from anywhere.

Directed Energy Assaults from the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology that may manifest in the form of shocks, jolts, jars, jabs, pokes, taps, burns.

Control of sleep patterns, sleep deprivation done by Electronic Directed Energy assaults from the satellite technology.

Computer-brain interface, control and communication.

Complex control of the brain such as manipulating emotions, implanting thoughts, retrieving memories, implanting emotions/personalities.

Having your thoughts "read" /decoded/eavesdropped remotely.
Feeling or sensing that you are being watched (a strong sense, non paranoia)
Psychological Warfare: Having individuals engaged in Organized Gang Stalking against you, dropping hints or conveying to you by actions that they know aspects of your private thoughts or that they are able to view you in locations that are private or where you would expect to have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as your home, bathroom or other private locations.
Psychological Warfare: Having individuals in media, tv or radio repeating or parroting back pieces and excerpts of your private thoughts on tv or radio.
Being targeted with Organized Gang Stalking while you are being targeted with Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology. Organized Gang Stalking usually involves Electronic Technological Harassment of some form that is going on simultaneously, either ground DEW or RNM satellite based.
Electronic disturbances within your home, which may include thumping or popping noises on walls, TV's or appliances, light bulbs and TV's flickering.
Microwave hearing also known as Voice To Skull or V2K which produces symptoms that mimics mental illness/paranoia.
Persistent loud ringing in the ears, what is known as Silent Sound (fake tinnitus). This is common and frequently reported by targets and victims of Organized Gang Stalking.Hearing tones, or tone bursts in the ears that may last any where from 5 to 10 seconds, that may change in volume and pitch.
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious mind.
Visual and audio disturbances, visual hallucinations.
Injection of words, numbers or any other type of information into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves or by the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology.
Electronic Assaults: Being touched or tapped or hit by an invisible force or having parts of your body suddenly moved.
Being sexually stimulated by an unseen force.
Electronic Assaults: Pain to any nerve of the body or to the body using Directed Energy from the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology.
Remote manipulation of human behavior, thoughts actions or behaviors, induced emotions, anger, induced sleep or awake.
Hearing voices or whispers that appear to come from different rooms of your home or the outside of your home, this is done by the Remote Neural Monitoring.
Hearing synthetic voices or speech interjected into your TV, police scanner, radio, or cellular phone that responds to what you are thinking or saying privately to yourself.
It's time to speak out and make knowledge of this crime and terrorism the norm!
Famous neuroscientist warns that remote neural monitoring equipment is "far from being science fiction and can be used for "control of behavior and brainwashing".      


  1. are you a victim of this harassment ??

    1. This July will be two years. I have past co workers and ex-husband. Beating me through sound waves. And they shock me through sound waves.i know there are more people than that.and I some try to get me through.its just sad. To know I'm a neural slave. My teeth hurt my body shifts my skill shifts. My hair is falling out and won't grow out.i fell shapes in my skill.sad mothernature

  2. I am a victum for ten years I wany to try and g0 before the senate judiciary committe they physically abused me so bad that my arms baily work my lung you name it these men are sick i can not take any more abuse physically i wont make it why isnt any one getting together for help this man actually beats me with the remote in the same place till something breaks i taped them on my radio there voiceses i need to voice analyze it this man sexually abused me i wrote the president told to use feds i wony give up

    1. How did u tape them if through body

  3. sorry about my last post i was very upset i am afraid i will noy see my son have children this man is sick he works a eighteen hour shift his partner works six i think they live together the six our shifter is very jealouse if i try to dress he beats me with the remote and gets i guess unsure lover i dont know to finish i need to get in touch some how with victums and u tube advertisers i relly do this man is going to kill me i will check back for email addresses and then if contact is made leave mine i will fight i have been trying to legally so try to get emails up its a going to be a good thing to come together do not slander govt they will take it as athreat legally i will try hard legally need back thow they will attack me physically because the6 hour shifter is jealouse and i think there mates who surveill me so they disfigure pleas leave emails or we can build trust up first i will visit site i contacted attorney general feds homland sec supe

  4. I have been physically and sexually assaulted and abused to the point of excruciating, disabling pain by two women whom I believe have satellite equipment given to them by a relative in the military or somewhere. I heard them talking over 15 years ago off and on, a both distant and close kind of "airy" quality speech. They started physically hurting me about 10 years ago. I have moved out State to two different locations and new apartments nearly every year. I don't know how to get their location, but I believe it was in midtown Sacramento. There were other people involved whom I don't believe knew the potential of what the two women were doing, but hung around them trying to figure it out and being amused. If someone helps me I think we can find these women. I am barely able to work parttime due to almost constant pain and discomfort whjch they cause me. I can hear them discussing what they are going to do next. I am a human video game. They are frequently enebriated which makes them even more out of control. I will be working for Head Start. I'm a credentialed teacher. Please help me find them so I can take this job. When with people, which I usually am because I live with a family, I have to tell them I have a terrible back pain problem to cover for this horrible assault. I couldn't possibly tell them because first, they would not believe me and second, as a result of my saying something so bizarre and fright ening they would probably ask me to move I have no money and nothing they could possibly want, though I've heard them say they got (stole) money someone invested for me. I would be surprised if they could define the word "invest". They use those ideas to try to break me. They try anything to hurt and break me.

  5. Don't give up. Write a letter to the FBI headquarters in your area and just keep writing until someone responds. My heart is with you. I understand what horror you've endured.

    1. what if the FBI is in on the electronics harrassment?

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  6. I am a victim of this for about 1 year now although the gang stalking and surveillance has gone on for about 3. I live in the UK

  7. Hi,
    I believe I'm a targeted individual....+-4months. Is there anything that can be done about this....who can it be reported to? Live in South-Africa.

    1. I'm a Targetedindividual, also from South Africa. Twitter @Athelstan777

  8. I live in Canada (Toronto) - I have been seeing random people from the community follow me around everywhere I go. After researching on the internet I came to know there is an actual system called : "gangstalking" and "community stalking"
    When reading through some of the experiences that some targets are going through,I can only cry...that this crime is still under hidden doors!!!

  9. This crime is being exposed and the more people put it before the courts and Sue government the greater chance it will start to be curbed. Remember the government wants it to be a covert operation but in the public eye it's far from covert. With CIA agents ratting on the government it adds more weight to all the stories of electronic harassment stalking rfid bugs implanted etc. The rfid chip is implanted in humans in teeth.. as fillings..in stitches..ear implants..and it involves doctors surgeons dentists being paid. Thus a criminal network..if you have an RFID implant and figure how u got it...go to tge doctor dentist surgeon abd rake them over the coals until they spill the beans. Of course they will be threatened and paid well but that's an extortion charge to go to police about. Find all avenues to go after government legally and first place to start is at medics professions etc.

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  12. I am able to manage while hearing my thoughts repeated back to me. No pain but there is a satellite on me showing me pictures reeking havoc on my ears lol. I was diagnosed with schizo affective disorder but it's just a satellite I'm sure. Everything is great other than that! No sleep problems and no gang stalking just the sound of my thoughts being repeated. I wish I could get it to stop but it's been five years and I'm sorry of getting used to it. I would feel better without the satellite but I might miss it now that I've learned to live with it. Good luck on your journeys!

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  14. I am aTI victim for 11+ years. I'm tortured and raped by the weapons 24/7/365. They NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF! They work in shifts also. Monitor all of my phone conversations, interference with my phone - doesn't ring, cuts off in mid conversation. They have even STOLEN MY VOICE MINUTES FROM MY PHONE. They vandalize my vehicles, torture my pets, tell LIES ABOUT ME TO EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY!! I am certain that they will kill me eventually, when they have had their fun. Also ruined my hip joint to the point that I can barely walk. They stalked and terrorized me to the point of losing my job 12 years ago and now I'm unable to work. Live in poverty because of these barbaric sociopaths. This is a DISGRACE. GOD WILL PUNISH THE MONSTERS COMMITTING THESE CRIMES AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE!!

  15. Please help me to I am at freeo4970@gmail.com

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  17. I am a true blue real thing targeted victim since 2006. I am tortured by neural remote monitoring. They broke into my home, drugged me at night and inserted some sort of implants all over, over a period of months. Neighbors reported a white van in our driveway while we were out of town one Christmas and just thought we were remodeling!!
    I have decreased the pain, sexual assault by using neodymium magnets. 6 of them stacked together. And I cover pain center implant sites with lotion or body oil.
    The feet are the key. Between toes and especially the r big toe and the outside of the little toe. Also where your able joins your foot. Under your arms. Armpit are a really bad site. My breasts and chest is particularly targeted. Main site is also unrneath breast’s and just below sternum. And rectum. Rectum is the site of the implants that enhance the sexual stuff.
    I am still alive because I have good psychological help and I pinch any area that has a localized pain spot. Especially on the scalp. I think I am disabling the implants as my pain is now tolerated with naproxen.
    I jerk at night before and just after each torture session which can last hours or all nite.

    I no longer hear the voices in my head as squeezing spots of pain and skin behind my ears stopped it. I am a target of gang stalking, maybe East European and some of them are doctors, anatomists. Hope this post saves a life. No one else knows as they would never believe me.

    1. I’m a Targeted Individual (TI).

      I have caught the audio recording evidence or proof of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN4QCVwiUsI&list=PL42RBzMkobFQW9tHMsXGjJ-wHLWK-lv4E

      For detailed explanation of methods used for harassment from my personal experience by Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) visit https://remoteneuralmonitoringv2kevidence.blogspot.in/






  18. Summer point apartments in Glendale AZ these people around here all come and go they have look a likes that constantly follow me almost everywhere I go they talk shit some may be family members or similar sounding individuals that either are abusing people physically or trying to make me think that some sort of trauma is happening very often , they use some type of ray gun to give me heart problems/ and real heart attacks they litter they are very rude they blast music if you want to call it music on a speaker while walking to the near by market they try to intimidate and have nothing nice to say just give odd looks like why am I here as if I need to die.

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