Corrupt government and corporate elements are utilizing Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology also known as Satellite Terrorism to harass torture and terrorize individuals. This is being done illegally and criminally to individuals nationally and globally, and this criminal activity is going unpunished. In some instances these criminals are utilizing a Bogus, illegal so called "investigation" in attempt to coverup the crime. Once the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology is locked on the individual, this false, Bogus "investigation" is nothing more than repetitious harassment, torture and terrorism to the victim that last for years, with hopes of and objectives such as causing induced insanity, or hoping that the victim commits suicide, or having the victim jailed or institutionalized under false pretenses in attempt to discredit the victim. Targeted Victims should be aware that the definition of "paranoid schizophrenia" as scriptedly "amended", includes victims complaints and references to beliefs that someone's reading and controlling their mind or hearing voices, even though the truth is, current sophisticated Remote Neural Monitoring technology allows this and illegal Non Consensual Experimentation to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". Psych bibles such as the DSM-IV conveniently do not contain this "classified" information. This is premeditatively, insidiously designed so that psychiatrists and other ignorant mental health employees can be used to discredit and silence victims by falsely merging real targeted victims with those who are suffering from mental conditions. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of real schizophrenics, but again, most victims of technological crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be mistakenly confused with those suffering from mental disorders.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking for other individuals who are being targeted with this technology

Listen to D.r. John Halls interviews which can be found on this blog. Read the symptoms of being targeted with RNM Remote Neuro Monitoring satellite technology we want to know and hear from other individuals who are being illegally targeted and harassed with this technology we know that there are probably thousands, we want to put a pattern together and draw a correlation between different individuals who are being illegally targeted with this technology then track these individuals down who are using this technology illegally to terrorize innocent people and prosecute these individuals to the fullest extent of the law.


  1. Is there a support group anywhere?

  2. im also looking for a support group im also now a victim of this technology.

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  4. We have the same problem in the uk where secret service r&d security service and mod equipment is being used for organised crime which has made them billions it is also used to assist the persecution of innocent men women and children with many men heavily funded by overseas accounts and money laundering accounts from other sources. Their persecution racks up many crimes against the victims unabbatted by the authorities whom wish to keep quite about the scandal

    1. It should state the government wishes to keep quite about it for fear of scandal

  5. Ive been targeted for now 31 yrs. Ive tested their claims and most of those claims are true. But now I need to disappear and it gets harder each time I try to hide.

  6. All this harassment ..by electronic means microwaves rfid bugs (like what are implanted in dogs and cats as a gps tracker/I'd but more refined for human tracking) is illegal and spineless backless law enforcement do nothing so ultimately the government has to take responsibility. Sue tge. Walk into the court get court documents fill them in with story name government and local law enforcement..u don't need a lawyer have it filed and served and plastered the lawsuit online on Facebook under important news stories and see what happens. Stand up and fight.

  7. Last year has been just a shocking mess - my life and that of my animals just a nightmare. Have been bullied for the last 21 years but the last 4 have been intense.
    I live in Northern New South Wales and experiencing electronic and everything harassment for me and animals also injuries to them, including poisoning, out-gassing, destruction to property, vehicles, email, phones. No energy any more.
    Think one of the strategies we should maybe thinking about is to make a list of symptoms and have this put on record for the Coroner's Office with information relating to our murders - because that is what it will eventually be "canned murder".
    But carrying out an autopsy including post mortem will reveal nothing unusual if attention is not brought into play about the deceased's life. We need to leave something behind even we are not thinking of a permanent departure. THIS INFO COULD ALSO BE SENT TO PLACES LIKE AMBULANCE SERVICES, DOCTORS' OFFICES, WITH A FRIEND / RELATIVE (if you're lucky to have any of those around still)FOR DEPOSIT AT A MAGISTRATE'S COURT - I think we need to be thinking about this area. If we know names of the perps involved or suspect organised crime bodies working alongside law
    un/enforcement, newspapers, magazines addressed to top criminal investigator reporters. We just need to start somewhere on this
    terrible journey to not just let these psychopaths off the hook.
    This is M.H.O. what do you think - would love to know some others who might like to form some support, if possible.

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