Corrupt government and corporate elements are utilizing Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite technology also known as Satellite Terrorism to harass torture and terrorize individuals. This is being done illegally and criminally to individuals nationally and globally, and this criminal activity is going unpunished. In some instances these criminals are utilizing a Bogus, illegal so called "investigation" in attempt to coverup the crime. Once the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology is locked on the individual, this false, Bogus "investigation" is nothing more than repetitious harassment, torture and terrorism to the victim that last for years, with hopes of and objectives such as causing induced insanity, or hoping that the victim commits suicide, or having the victim jailed or institutionalized under false pretenses in attempt to discredit the victim. Targeted Victims should be aware that the definition of "paranoid schizophrenia" as scriptedly "amended", includes victims complaints and references to beliefs that someone's reading and controlling their mind or hearing voices, even though the truth is, current sophisticated Remote Neural Monitoring technology allows this and illegal Non Consensual Experimentation to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". Psych bibles such as the DSM-IV conveniently do not contain this "classified" information. This is premeditatively, insidiously designed so that psychiatrists and other ignorant mental health employees can be used to discredit and silence victims by falsely merging real targeted victims with those who are suffering from mental conditions. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of real schizophrenics, but again, most victims of technological crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be mistakenly confused with those suffering from mental disorders.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 Reasons Why Remote Neural Monitoring

8 Reasons why I want the Illegal Criminal Use of the Remote Neural Monitoring against me Stopped and why I will be suing and having the individuals involved punished to the fullest maximum extent of law.

The VICTIM Was NOT notified nor did the victim give consent before being subjected to this apparent ILLEGAL CRIMINAL RACKETEERING / HUMAN TRAFFICKING OPERATION involving "pay for masturbation" nor did these Criminal individuals gain the victims permission before ILLEGALLY CRIMINALLY placing the Remote Neural Monitoring Technology on the victim. The victim family and some neighbors ARE repeatedly being directed to harass or enticing the victim with Directed Conversation involving masturbation.  The victim IS NOT interested in and wants ALL INSTANCES of this harassment involving "masturbation for money" and the Criminal Illegal Remote Neural Monitoring STOPPED and is threatening to and WILL SUE for hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars and have the CRIMINAL individuals FEDERALLY IMPRISONED!.  

The victims Privacy, Civil and Constitutional Rights HAVE and ARE being VIOLATED and the victims personal information, private thoughts actions Ect. gained from this Illegal Criminal electronic monitoring with this Remote Neural Monitoring technology HAS been and IS being Illegally Criminally shared, logged and tracked by multiple individuals including some of the victims family, some of the victims neighbors, and some friends of the victims family, for the purpose of Harassment and Psychological warfare. Under United States Code  TITLE 18 PART I > CHAPTER 119 > § 2511 the above Criminal actions are punishable by a fine and prison timeU.S.C (U.S. criminal code) 47 / 223-A-1-C  Repeatedly initiating
communications with a communications device solely to harass an individual or individuals.

As a direct result from this Remote Neural Monitoring Technology, The victim HAS been and 
IS being exposed to a HARMFUL Directed Energy for years at a time. Quote "Scientists believe that like leukemia and the cancerous risks posed by mobile phones which also emit microwaves, Remote Neural Monitoring CAN also pose similar threats to a subject's overall health as the heating effect of tissues with the speed of light is a known effect of high powered microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons".

(4.) Some of the victims family and some neighbors ARE participating in and going along with this criminal activity because of MONEY! and WILL LIE or attempt to use cover when questioned about this CRIMINAL ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR. with excuses and COVER such as "We are doing a government investigation" and "The victim has a disease and we are secretly healing or curing it with the technology" Hypothetically Using Scenario 2, Ask yourself  this COMMON SENSE and LOGICAL question? How would anyone know if the victim has, or has had a disease?, considering the victim has had NO X-Rays and NO Blood tests! HOW WOULD ANYONE  KNOW IF THE VICTIM HAS A DISEASE???? again COMMON LOGICAL SENSE!

the victim IS NOT interested in and wants ALL INSTANCES of this harassment involving "masturbation for money" and the Criminal Illegal unconsented use of the Remote Neural Monitoring STOPPED since the CRIMINAL individuals and members of the targets family have chosen to VIOLATE the victims constitutional and civil rights by 'keeping logs' and being  given ILLEGAL CRIMINAL access to the targets or victims private information (Thought Reading, actions Ect, by ILLEGAL phone and computer logs, then criminally intentionally repeating back this information while around the victim using Directed Conversation for the purpose of Harassment. The victims private information and actions are also being criminally illegally given to local media news outlets for the same purpose of harassment  as mentioned above. You should also be advised that NO Law Enforcement is authorized to "give out" share, notify or report the victims personal or private information gained from Illegal Criminal Electronic Monitoring with Remote Neural Monitoring Technology, and utilize this information for Harassment and psychological warfare, This information includes the victims brainwaves, thoughts, actions, or location. They CAN and WILL be
SUED and punished for doing so, the same applies to any other individual who wishes to participate in this criminal activity. 
(6.) These criminals are providing ILLEGAL CRIMINAL access to the victims private and personal  information Thought Reading, and actions Ect, to some members of the victims family, some neighbors and    other individuals by ILLEGAL phone and computer logs, then criminally  intentionally repeating back this information and utilizing this information for the basis for harassment and psychological warfare while around the victim for the purpose of harassment, and invasion of privacy, using Directed Conversation and the use of some neighbors, strangers and individuals in vehicles.

(7.) These CRIMINAL individuals are sending messages to individuals the victim is believed to be in contact with and telling them SCRIPTED LIES and EXCUSES for their CRIMINAL RACKETEERING ACTIVITY, and asking them to go along and participate in this criminal activity, DO NOT BELIEVE any of these LIES, and realize if you are going along  ith this YOU ARE contributing to the Harassment and emotional distress of the victim. If you have been sent any of these messages asking you to participate in this criminal activity, please log and copy these messages and mark down the time and date you received these messages and send them to this youtube channel

(8.) The criminals who are doing this and VIOLATING the victims constitutional and civil rights with this remote neural monitoring technology ARE CLAIMING to be operating and doing this with the remote neural monitoring technology out of (CINCINNATI OHIO) THIS IS NO JOKE AND A VERY SERIOUS CRIMINAL MATTER and the criminal individuals involved WILL be SUED and FEDERALLY IMPRISONED for doing so.


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  2. Some of the New Life Center Residents are taking part in gang stalking a victim of Remote Neural Monitoring. This is to either have the victim imprisoned or placed in the mental ward. The kill calling the victim out of her name and saying that she is going to commit suicide. The victim stated that she do not wish to kill herself nor do harm to anyone else. She is watch by staff and by residents and told that they are going to have her arrested or placed in the mental ward. She also been told that she was going to be killed and she would be reported to have committed suicide. Other victims have been place in the mental ward after reporting staff and criminal activity at the New Life Center 411 East Landry Street, Opelousas, LA 70570.

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